For many people, the term ‘wine cellar’ is likely to bring to mind images of a vaulted underground chamber; dark, dank, musty and lined with cobweb festooned bottles.

Storing wine below ground level was a practical imperative in the warm Mediterranean climate of the traditional wine-growing countries, but refrigeration technology means that a modern wine cellar can be located virtually anywhere.

Today, few people have the luxury of a purpose-built cellar beneath their home, and ‘wine cellar’ has come to be a generic term that’s used to describe any purpose-built space where wine is stored, and which provides the right conditions for wine to develop and age as it should

It’s this conditioned environment – ideally a constantly maintained temperature of 13°C -55°F - which determines when a space becomes a wine cellar, rather than where it’s located or what it looks like.

In fact, a contemporary wine cellar can look exactly how you want it to, and whatever type of property you live in, however much space you have – or don’t have available, you will almost certainly be able to accommodate your own personalised, climate controlled cellar.

Wine cellars can range in scale from walk-in rooms with space to entertain, to discrete, built-in cupboards with space for just a few dozen bottles, and virtually any space can be transformed into a stylish, air conditioned cellar. It might be a spare room, a garage or outbuilding, alcove, recess or under stair space, but working with you, 13|55 can help you to identify an area that best suits your home, your lifestyle and your storage requirements.

Whatever space you choose to utilise, 13|55 will create a bespoke wine cellar that will realise your vision, address your individual requirements and perfectly complement the style and décor of your home.

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