Wine Cellars

Few people have the luxury of a purpose-built cellar beneath their home, but a contemporary wine cellar can be located virtually anywhere. However much space you have – or don’t have available, you will almost certainly be able to accommodate your own personalised, climate controlled wine cellar.

Wine Rooms

A wine room can look exactly how you want it to, and 13|55 can design a space that’s completely personalised to you and tailored to your home. You may have an entire room available for conversion, but even a cupboard, an under stair area, an alcove or a recess can be converted into a fully functioning wine room.

Wine Storage

If you love wine, why settle for a standard ‘off the peg’ wine storage solution when you can have a bespoke wine space or cellar tailored to meet your individual requirements? Why hide your wine away, when you can display it in a designer wine space or cellar that will be an interior design feature as well as a conditioned space for your collection?

Wine Walls

Practical and beautiful, a wine wall is part architectural feature and part personalised art installation. Whether your preference is for a contemporary or traditional design style, 13|55 can create a wine wall that will add impact and drama to your home, protect and showcase your collection, and bring your love of wine into your everyday life.

Unusual Spaces

It doesn’t matter what kind of home you live in, how much (or how little) space you might have available, if you’d like to have a conditioned environment where you can keep your wine in perfect condition, you can. We’ve not yet come across a property where we haven’t been able to find the ideal location for a wine space or cellar.

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