A Space to Protect & Nurture

While your wine space or cellar will be a design statement, its primary purpose will be to provide an environment which allows your collection to age and develop exactly as it should. Irrespective of the style you select, we will design a wine space or cellar that perfectly balances form with function; a stunning installation that will enhance your home, and keep your wine in perfect condition.

A Space to Show & Display

Your wine collection doesn’t have to be hidden away. We can make your wine space or cellar a distinctive interior design feature that will create a unique focal point for your guests to admire. There are so many ways to show and display your collection; we can help you decide on style, materials, lighting and finishing touches; designing an eye-catching space or cellar to showcase your wine and complement your home.

A Space to Enjoy & Entertain

Would you like your wine space or cellar to be a place where you can share the pleasures of your wine collection with special guests? If you have sufficient room available, a wine space or cellar can make a spectacular setting for functions including tasting sessions and intimate dinner parties. With a full understanding of your requirements, 13|55 can design a purpose-built area which, as well as housing your wine, will provide a dramatic backdrop when you entertain.

Charles is not only creative and professional at all times but is involved in its installation and delivers what he says. No corners are cut and the finishes are exemplary.
Alistair & Lilly Blacklaws
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