Collecting wine means you need a space that will provide the right conditions for your collection to develop and age as it should. Creating an environment where temperature, humidity and light are ideal for this process to take place has meant that traditionally, wine cellars have needed to be built below ground level.

Thanks to air conditioning technology though, any space can be regulated to create a perfect cellar environment, making it possible to convert virtually any area in your home into a bespoke wine room.

A wine room can look exactly how you want it to, and 13|55 can design a space that’s completely personalised to you, tailored to your home, your lifestyle and how you like to enjoy your wine collection.

You may have an entire room available for conversion into a wine room – a spare living area, a bedroom perhaps, a garage or outbuilding, but if space is at a premium, or if you’re only collecting on a relatively small scale, you may only want to utilise part of a room. A vertical wine wall can be an efficient use of space, and even a cupboard, an under stair area or an alcove or recess can be converted into a fully functioning wine room.

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