If you have a passion for wine, storing it properly will be a priority. Creating a controlled environment will be a pre-requisite of course, as will ensuring bottles are correctly positioned. These are practical considerations, and you’ll find plenty of modular wine storage solutions which will address these basic functional criteria.

But if you really love wine, why settle for a standard ‘off the peg’ wine storage solution when you can have a bespoke wine space or cellar tailored to meet your individual requirements? Why hide your wine away, when you can display it in a designer wine space or cellar that will be an interior design feature as well as a conditioned space for your collection?

There are no compromises with a bespoke wine storage solution; whatever space you have available – a spare room, a garage, an under stair cupboard, or a wall surface, 13|55 will design and install a beautiful hand-crafted wine space or cellar that will make optimum use of available area, and give you a wine storage solution you will be proud to show and share.

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