Why hide your bottles away when you can display them in a striking design feature that will extend your love of wine into the décor of your home, and add a further dimension to the enjoyment you get from your collection?

Practical and beautiful, a wine wall is part architectural feature and part personalised art installation. Whether your preference is for a contemporary or traditional design style, 13|55 can create a wine wall that will add impact and drama to your home, protect and showcase your collection, and bring your love of wine into your everyday life.

By making use of vertical space, wine walls provide a conditioned area that can accommodate a surprisingly large number of bottles – without encroaching greatly on your valuable floor space.

Generally fronted entirely in glass to maximise the viewing area, wine walls are usually fitted with either sliding or bi-fold glass doors, often making use of internal reflective finishes, combined with backlighting and spotlighting to highlight the natural colours of the wine

Depending on the depth of the space you have available, and the visual effect you want to create, a wine wall can present bottles in profile, front on, or from a range of perspectives.

The versatility of wine walls means they can be located virtually anywhere to create an impressive centre-piece, making them a popular choice when remodelling a home. They can be built against any wall, or integrated into an alcove or recess, and are especially effective if you want to extend the decorative theme of your kitchen into part of a dining or living area. A double-sided wine wall used as an internal partition can be an interesting way to separate two areas, or break up a larger room. If you have the space, you might even choose to have a wine wall run continuously around all walls in a room to create a ‘Wine Library’.

13|55 can help you turn your wine collection into a stunning display, designing a wine wall tailored to the space you have, using materials and finishes to complement the interior of your home, and creating a focal point you will never tire of looking at.

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